The Society was established in 1955. Present at the first meeting were Faye Schalk, Juanita (Johnny) Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jasinski, and Helen and Dr. Bernard Mansfield. They began to compile a list of Galionites that would be charter members of that “yet-to-be” association. These people were contacted: Ida (Howard) Barr, Walter Goshorn, Betty (Bloomer) Cox, Leah Brown, Joe Wisterman, Homer Ambrosier, Dr. B.P. Mansfield, Eugene Goldsmith, Floyd Steffee, Clara Manzer, Edna (Price) Beck, Earl Hager, Gerald Bosler, Mary Stokely, Colin McAdam, Ethel Dye, Don Ely, and Mr. & Mrs. Michael Caldwell.

Those 19 people formed the nucleus of what is now known as the Galion Historical Society. A meeting was held in the council room of the Galion Municipal Building. Each person brought an item of personal historical interest. A Galion Junior High School student, David Curfman was also in attendance.

Dr. Ernest Hesser was the speaker at that first meeting. He was in charge of the Crestline Shunk Museum and gave the group the benefit of his experience, warning them of the long hours and days they would have to serve as volunteers, but that it would be worth it. This was the inspiration needed to go ahead with their plans.

From these now almost forgotten beginnings comes more than fifty years of history to be celebrated at the Galion History Museum, Brownella Cottage, Historic Grace Church and other activities.


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